Ergonomics - Ergonomists / SELF 2016

Ergonomics - Ergonomists
September 21-23, 2016, Marseille.

The 51st SELF Congres congress aims to focus on ergonomics and the profession of ergonomist which are both involved in multiple changes ( which may be social, managerial, academic, scientific … ). Several issues are on the table and will be put in debate :

  • What are the ergonomists practices ?
  • How does the profession change in relation to the social, technical, organizational requirements ?
  • Do the changes in the disciplines fit with the present or emerging socio-economical needs ?
  • In this frame, what are the benefits of the research in ergonomics ?
  • How does the vocational training change in relation with the profession ( s ) changes ?

Generally speaking all these issues show the diversity of what is at stake in this congress

  • To encourage the exchange between teachers, researchers and practitioners concerning the contributions of each other in the development of the discipline and the profession ;
  • To facilitate the dialogue between the generations, based on the past and present researches and practices ;
  • To stimulate the encounters between various experts of the field and the related disciplines due to “ enlarged ” lectures ;
  • To make the discipline visible and the acknowledgment of its added value in the society and in the companies, focusing on what is notable, on our simultaneous and indissociable contributions concerning the health and the performance ;
  • To open paths for reflections in order to prepare the future of our ( unique or multiple ? ) profession.

Organizing Committee

  • Sylvain LEDUC ( Aix-Marseille University ), Gérard VALLÉRY ( University of Picardy ),
  • Alexis CORRADI ( Expertis ), Pascal ETIENNE ( SELF Vice-President, International Affairs ),
  • Annie DROUIN ( Responsible for the SELF History Commission ),
  • Patrice PETITJEAN ( Ergogenčse ),
  • Aurélie CASTEL ( ERGOPACA ),
  • Fatiha FERRAD ( CINOV ).

FFES LogoThis conference is endorsed by the Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies


  • 15th January > Lectures reception
  • 15th February > Symposia reception
  • 2nd April > Notification to the authors
  • 1st June > Reception of the final proposals
  • 1st July > Program publication

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