Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (United Kingdom)


President: Professor Neil Mansfield, Email:

Chief Executive: Stephen Barraclough, Email:

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What we do

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors is a professional membership organisation based in the UK and open to ergonomists and human factors specialists who are qualified, wish to become qualified or who have an interest in the discipline. CIEHF is dedicated to providing information and services to the public, and to support members in their careers, at whatever stage. Our principal role is to build knowledge of and adoption of ergonomics and human factors in work, life and society and to uphold standards of competence within the discipline. To do this, CIEHF:

  • Acts to promote and develop the discipline
  • Approves education and training courses
  • Grants membership to those meeting our standards
  • Offers opportunities for Continuous Professional Development
  • Operates a Code of Professional Conduct
  • Assesses and accredits consultancies to ensure quality, rigour and competence
  • Provides a conduit for anyone wishing to identify a qualified person or consultancy
  • Organises regular conferences, seminars, lectures and events, open to all
  • Provides leadership and editorial input for at least two international journals
  • Liaises and collaborates with cognate organisations in matters of mutual interest
  • Publishes a bi-monthly magazine, ‘The Ergonomist’ and other occasional publications, White Papers and guidance
  • Acts as a member of the European and International communities to advance knowledge and adoption of ergonomics and human factors.