Application of Ergonomics in developing countries

The Application of Ergonomics in developing countries
Second Ergonomics International conference
28-29 April 2013, El-Aurassi Hotel, Algiers
This conference is considered as an extension of the first conference held in 2012, about ergonomics and its role in prevention and development in developing countries. Among its recommendations was continuing to hold conferences on ergonomics due to its importance in serving the national development on the one side and to its importance in developing ergonomics in developing countries on the other side. For this, came the second Ergonomics International Conference, which will highlight and focus more on the application of ergonomics in developing countries in various sectors: industriy, agriculture, education, health, transport, roads, services, sports, building, tourism and electronic field. As it is known ergonomics is considered to have first been founded in the industrial countries, which have benefited a lot from it, especially in the matter of prevention and development. As for the developing countries including Algeria, they are perhaps more in need to take advantage of the principles of ergonomics. Especially that Algeria is going through a lot of attempts at economic development in order to join up with the industrially advanced countries and Technology which typically require some necessary modifications or compelling changes, both at the level of the hardware or on the human side to adapt to what do exist in reality under the stress and shortages of time and lack of possibilities, along with the accompanied quick changes and the huge social requirements dedicated by the past and increased in accumulation at the present which may pledge evolution towards a better future.
Hence, the question is how feasible it is to apply the principles of ergonomics in developing countries in general, and Algeria in particular and how to benefit from the experiences of both the developed and the developing countries and what are the means that would enable Algeria to benefit from ergonomics as what is going on in developed countries or at least to benefit from the application of certain of its principles as a mean that can be a background to the preventive culture that may have a positive and productive impact on the economic, psycho-social, and health, whether at the level of institutions or community.
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