Ergonomics for Occupational Safety and health

The yearly Healthy Workplaces campaigns are organized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), which is now also the partner of the FEES.

The EU-OSHA -campaign "Healthy Workplaces - MANAGE DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES 2018-19", is raising awareness of risks originated by dangerous substances and hazardous materials in the workplace and encouraging employers, managers and workers and their representatives to work together to manage those risks. For more information, see Ergonomics play a clear role in this activity: ergonomics aims at prevention by its nature, ergonomists have experience in organizing participatory workplace interventions, ergonomists have developed strategies and practices to improve design activity in companies, and, after all, a great deal of the risks associated with safety and health can be derived from poor ergonomics design.

FEES campaign activities:

  1. FEES maintain campaign partner position, and promote ergonomics through the campaign website and to the partners directly.
  2. Communicate that FEES and Federated Societies are members of the EU-OSHA network at the proper focal point
  3. FEES selects one of the conferences dedicated to the campaign by Federated societies as European Champaign conference.
  4. A press release a year
  5. Forwarding information between Federated Societies and other EU-OSHA partners through the campaign website
  6. FEES provides a slide show as resource material in English which highlights ergonomics in the campaign
  7. Encourages all federated society to become an active member of the national EU OSHA focal point network.
  8. Encourages all federated society to include the campaign message in their news letter when is appropriate.
  9. Encourages all federated society to organise at least one event a year dealing with the actual EU-OSHA campaign. The description of the events is at
  10. Encourages all federated society to share their campaign materials with others through FEES website.
  11. Encourages all federated society to maintain a page (national language) at their website dedicated to the campaign,
    • with the campaign logo and link,
    • with FEES Campaign Pledge,
    • with a link to FEES campaign site

    In the European Month of ergonomics 2018-2019 FEES highlights the role of ergonomics in managing dangerous substances.