Musculoskeletal health promotion starts at school

According to EU-OSHA, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in children and young people as well as in young workers are worryingly high. Involving schools in occupational safety and health issues can help prevent this. Integrating safety and health in education is essential in developing a culture of prevention for students.

SIE national Congress


SIE broadcasts two English sessions online on the occasion of the SIE national Congress on 3 May 2022.

The first session on "Occupational exoskeleton and ergonomics" will occur between 9 am and 11 am.

The second session, "A journey into the future of home care", is scheduled between 2,30pm and 4,30pm.

ErgoWork 2022 International Conference on Ergonomics and Workplace Management


16 - 18 Jun 2022 Timisoara - ErgoWork 2022 for a New Normal!

We aim for ErgoWork 2022 to be a moment of reflection on what has been and will be to disseminate our achievements and share the ideas of a future project. Thus, come to join this moment and be part of the strength message: ErgoWork for a New Normal!

2022 IEEE Zooming Innovation in Consumer Technologies Conference (ZINC)

ZINC 20222022 IEEE Zooming Innovation in Consumer Technologies Conference
ZINC 2022
25 - 26 May 2022

Presenting new achievements in consumer technologies that affect us all, including the novel use cases for productivity, connectivity, entertainment, healthcare and mobility.

56th SELF Congress

SELF2022After a 100% online version in 2021, the 56th congress of the French-speaking ergonomic society (SELF) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from July 6 to 8, 2022. The general theme is anchored in the news: “ Emerging vulnerabilities and risks: thinking and acting to transform sustainably”. The congress is organized in partnership with the International Labor Organization.


EHF2022Bernard Michez, president of FEES officially endorsed EHF2022, to be held 11-12 April Online and 25-26 April in person, Birmingham.

Key contemporary topics are

Top Tips for Sit-Stand working - by Expert Veerle Hermans

Several types of research show a direct link to our sedentary lifestyle and health problems. Sitting for an extended time can be a direct cause of obesity, heart and cardiovascular diseases. 
Veerle Hermans explains in this video how to improve your working day by simply switching between working in a sitting position and a standing position.

Finnish Suomen Ergonomiayhdistys

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Ergonomics Redefined - Summer University on Ergonomics

Summer University on Ergonomics7-8-9 July 2021 Virtual (Budapest) Summer University on Ergonomics (34. ERGONÓMIAI NYÁRI EGYETEM)

Online survey on good work

Start of an online survey on the integration of UN SDG 8 in your university

Today we invite you to participate in an important European online survey on the integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goal ‚Good and Sustainable Work‘ in your university (UN SDG 8). With this survey we are reaching out to colleagues from selected higher education institutions across Europe who are responsible for teaching and training in the field of occupational safety, industrial hygiene and/or ergonomics.

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