SLIC campaign 2020-2022 on wMSD prevention

EU ComisssionThe Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC) campaign 2020-2022 will focus on the topic: “Better enforcing requirements aiming to prevent exposures to risk factors causing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)”. The campaign will contribute to awareness raising, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of information, practices and experiences. The ultimate purpose of the campaign is to contribute to enhancing enforcement and activities by labour inspectors in the area of MSDs. The campaign will focus in particular on new occupational risks (e.g. related to digitisation and robotics) and risks experienced in specific sectors.

Concerning SLIC, a previous campaign (2008-2009) addressed MSDs and ergonomic risks related to the manual handling of loads. Moreover, at the 74th plenary session of SLIC in Sofia, the Committee expressed its wish to continue working on the topic. Therefore, and in full coherence with the next EU-OSHA campaign as well as the key priorities and objectives identified in the EU OSH Communication and EU OSH Strategic Framework, the 2020-2022 SLIC campaign will address the topic of prevention of work-related MSDs.

The expected results of this Call for Proposals are the improved possibilities for national labour inspectors to identify risks related to MSDs as well as improved possibilities for national labour inspectors to exercise their duties as regards the enforcement of relevant EU legislation. Moreover, it will result in a strengthened cooperation among labour inspectors and other actors across in the area of prevention of MSDs, as well as better and more equivalent enforcement of EU OSH legislation across the EU. Finally, the action will result in the identification of challenges and needs to improve enforcement of MSDs as well as proposals for ways on addressing them. 

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