Webinar on telework


We are in an extraordinary situation, and it will probably last a long time. We all have to think about the sustainability of our activities, the ones of our customers, of our colleagues,…

For any profession, Teleworking is a chance for continuity. But the rules, the requirements for such a situation are not so distinct. We have to consider the knowledge accumulated on this solution for several decades.

FEES is pleased to offer you a free webinar about practical aspects of teleworking :

  • What are the different aspects of managing?
  • What change in the relationships within teams?
  • What requirements for the equipment?
  • What available resources? (guidelines, advice,…)

This conference will be delivered in French firstly, and then we will reproduce it in English. The idea is to share the content with all countries, and give to each member the option to deliver it in his own language.

Associated with this webinar, we will deliver a set of documents about the topic. Besides, we will use your feedback to improve this summary and add them to the resources.

This first event begins on May 6th, 16h. It will last 40 minutes, including 20 minutes presentation and 20 minutes questions.

Just follow this link : https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71853888778?pwd=TFJySTBKMG1mR3owN0xRdU9QeEFrdz09

ID meeting : 718 5388 8778 

password : 027987